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What is a storm water interceptor?

Storm water interceptor aka storm trooper, stormceptor, are designed to slow the run off of storm drains in parking lots collecting loose dirt, debris and oils that may contaminate the public waterways(streams, bayous, Galveston bay) if allowed to flow off of parking lots unobstructed.

Why Have One?

Storm water runoff from parking lots wash down areas and other impervious areas carries trash and pollutants into storm drains. Unlike the sanitary sewer system that makes its way to a sewer treatment plant to be cleaned, the storm drains make their way to Galveston bay. The run off can contain significant amounts of oils, sediment and trash from your parking area which can be both harmful to the environment and ugly to look at.

How does it work?

A storm trooper, stormceptor and continuous deflective separator,advanced drainage system,vortechs units,crystal streams units, stormgate, trash trooper,humegard,stormscreen, baysaver, storm water vault,nutrient separator baffle box all attempt to do the same thing, which is to intercept and stop free oils and debris from making there way to the public water ways and hold the material for periodic pumping/cleaning by a state licenced contractor. The first 1/2 inch of water from a storm carries the bulk of the contaminants off of the parking lot or other impervious area. This first bit of rain is known in the industry as the “first flush”. Storm interceptors are designs to capture this first flush but will allow the rest of a torrential rain storm to bypass the retention section so as not to flood the lot. The section that controls where the water goes is a control unit. It has a small baffle that sits on the bottom of the unit and when the water flow is heavy enough it will spill over the baffle and pass through a screen which catches debris and head out to Galveston bay.

How often should it be cleaned? 

Storm traps should be pumped out routinely to prevent the escape of appreciable amounts of the detained oils and other polutants. The frequency of cleaning will vary depend on the amount of trash and debris that is built up in the trap. Sediments that get caught in the trap reduce the dwell time (time water has to separate the oils and solids out) thus the effectiveness of you storm interceptor is diminished. Cleaning out the trap is the only way to insure your investment pays off! Remember, Permit renewals require pictures!

Storm Trooper Model # and size chart



SWST-5C 500
SWST-6C 600
SWST-8C 800
SWST-10C 1000
SWST-15C 1500
SWST-20C 2000
SWST-25C 2500
SWST-30C 3000
SWST-35C 3500
SWST-40C 4000
SWST-45C 4500
SWST-50C 5000
SWST-60C 6000



SWST-10 1000
SWST-15 1500
SWST-20 2000
SWST-25 2500
SWST-30 3000
SWST-35 3500
SWST-40 4000
SWST-50 5000
SWST-60 6000
SWST-70 7000
SWST-80 8000
SWST-90 9000
SWST-100 10000
SWST-110 11000
SWST-120 12000
SWST-130 13000
SWST-140 14000
SWST-150 15000

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