Used Cooking Oil
Metro Grease is one of many good providers of waste cooking oil recovery  
our clients use. Call us if you need a recomendation.

METRO GREASE is the innovator in the collection of waste cooking oil and
recycling. They make the collection of waste cooking oil safer and cleaner.
Metro guarantees the highest level of service and provide service for single
operators and chains.

METRO GREASE and LWS, you benefit from:

  • Complete, clean, safe, and careful collection of used cooking oil

  • Service and equipment to meet your individual needs (custom built &

  • Careful compliance with environmental regulations & laws

  • Efficient and reliable pickups (on a timely basis)

Contact Andy

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grease barrles for used cooking oil
Our Containers:

1) All containers emblazoned with our name
and phone number for fast service.

2) High openings facilitate easy pouring.

3) Sealed and tested for leaks.

4) May be custom-built for any space.

5) All-steel containers with welded lids to
prevent unauthorized removal.
  • Maintenance vehicles are equipped with pressure washers
    to clean containers and storage areas
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