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small grease trap vacuum trailer
Parking garage?
Pumping and Cleaning grease traps and lift stations in parking garages and basements has long
been a struggle for property owners, property managers and resturantures.  Most of the time we
wind up hiring grease trap pumping companies that are ill equipped to preform the proper
maintenance on  hard to reach grease traps and lift stations.  The biggest hurdle that most
pumping companies face is the inability to overcome  the issues of depth and distance.  Once
you reach a depth of 25 ft it becomes very difficult to raise that column of waste to the vacuum
truck (25 ft starts at the truck not the ground!).  When you add an excessive amount of hose to
that equation you also increase the time the grease trap  takes to pump out.  The farther the run
of hose the more hydraulic friction that you have in the line which also slows the process. This
time factor increases the cost of pumping and cleaning your grease trap,  lift-station or storm
drain not to mention the increased smell for the job( no one likes getting complaints, especially
for an unpleasant job that must get done).  
6'6" trailer
for garage
Grease traps and lift-stations in hard to reach places
We designed and had built a one of a kind vacuum
trailer that is only 6'6  at its  highest point! And our
staff also measures in under 6'6 . This is a huge
advantage over running hundreds of feet of hose and
spending three times the amount of time pumping out
grease traps, grit traps, lint traps, or lift-stations in
underground parking garages.

Even though the tank is 1000 gallons, we put a
vacuum pump on this trailer that most large
commercial vacuum trucks use.  This attention to
detail pays off for our customers in cost savings and
odor reduction.  What may take most pump truck
companies several hour to do,  we knock out in a
fraction of the time.  If your underground grease trap
is larger, we will station a larger truck up top to off
load into.